Enci provides a strong and eloquent performance,…”

Enci…gives a very effective performance…
and breaks down with a scream that will forever live in my memory.”

Entertainment Today, TAKING SIDES

” ‘Enci‘ got the same kind of sensual presence as any of the silver
screen’s great stars of the 1930s. … she’s a natural, with a charismatic
appeal that draws the eye and ear.”

The O.C. Register, A MURDER OF CROWS

“From the first moment ‘Enci‘ steps onto the porch, the light within her
brings the temperature in the theater up five degrees. A classic demure
beauty, she is a natural in the spotlight and quietly assumes a great
stage presence… She has a great voice and a lovely, hard-to-place
accent (which turns out to be Hungarian). This is a lady with a big
career ahead of her – if someone gives her a shot.”

The O.C. Register, A MURDER OF CROWS

“…and Enci as the doctor’s wife are excellent.”
Los Angeles Times, QUILLS

” ‘Enci‘is funny, appealing, poignant and engaging. She interacts with
the audience in an up front manner that is challenging and mesmerizing.”


“Stephen Fife has written a most praiseworthy adaptation, accessible
yet faithful to the original, and the cast has the tools to make it work.”

BackStage West, “God of Vengeance”
>L.A. Weekly – Recommended, GOD OF VENGEANCE

“This is a work I’d like to see broadcast on CBS. A bare-bones production…
The pivotal Agnes (Enci) is a casual lefty who links up with the
Communist Party because it offers her an opportunity to perform…”

L.A. Weekly – Recommended, A BRIGHT ROOM CALLED DAY

“Though Rice masterfully pulls the show’s strings,it is her talented
cadre of players that fully creates Berlin’s Bohemian artist community…
With heart-wrenching agony, the single-named Enci plays Agnes
Eggling, a bit-part film actress floating between ecstatic bliss with her
Hungarian lover, … and confused despair as her compatriots suffer
brutality and fear at the hands of the burgeoning Nazi party…
Kushner blesses his characters with meaty monologues, none of which
is delivered here with anything less than total clarity.”

BackStage West – Critic’s Pick, A BRIGHT ROOM CALLED DAY