I’m an actor, writer and director. I’m an urban cyclist.

I’m passionate about living intentionally, about leaving less behind and about living healthy.

I’m a member of SAG and AFTRA, the SAG Hollywood Conservatory, the SAG On-Line Casting Task Force and The Bike Writers Collective. I’m also on the board of the 501(c)4 Bikeside.

I teach at the Hollywood SAG Conservatory about Web Etiquettes and Social Media. I go to City Hall meetings to speak up on Community issues and I organize bike rides to my local theaters and to social events.

I recycle. I volunteer at my Unions. I ride my bike to auditions, to the theater, to my friends, to outings, parties, to work and to do my shopping.

Here is my story:

I was born and raised in Hungary, when it was still communist. My mother escaped to Germany when I was 5 and left me and my sister in Hungary for 5 years. In these 5 years my sister and I lived with adopted teachers, grandparents, at friends houses, and often times alone in a studio apartment.

When we finally emigrated to West Germany, I was 10 1/2 and I got to meet my Mother and her new family. Learning to speak German, getting used to a new culture, a new school system, and making new friends was not easy. Through school I was enrolled in many activities, like tennis, theatre, handball (the European sport,) I studied computer technology and chemistry, and I went through several arts programs.

At the age of 16 I ran away from home, and was homeless for about 2 weeks, until I got admitted into a foster home. I loved it at my new home and I stayed there for a little over a year. At the age of 18, when I had to leave the foster home, I was homeless again, this time for almost a year. At this time I enrolled in college and studied Psychology and this was the year when I decided to come to Los Angeles.

Once I arrived, first of course I had to learn English. I started working, getting paid under the table, cleaning houses, baby sitting, dog sitting, and I also worked as a bartender and other jobs. I started working as a model and met a photographer who taught me photography. Through different modeling jobs, a director cast me for his short film and another director cast me for a PSA and I ended up working with him on several projects.

I started acting and supplemented my income with photography jobs and modeling jobs. I taught myself website design so I could promote my acting and photography better and now I make my living in web design and Social Media.

When I met Stephen, we started working together in every arena and we still do. Through him, I got a bicycle and we started riding together to my auditions, photo gigs and his meetings and his jobs.

Through cycling, we found a new community and we founded our organization illuminateLA. Stephen and I are married now and we are hoping to inspire our friends and our community to get more involved in the arts, in better transportation solutions, and in their community.

I’m still continuing my acting, and that is my first passion. Through acting I have been able to express myself, I have been able to connect to people on a different level, and I have met people of all walks of life.

My involvement in the theater world, in community events, city issues, and working with non-profit organizations has led to many different job opportunities.

The past few years I have worked as stage manager and stage technician, and I have also co-produced and produced stage plays. I have designed websites for actors, for non-profits, and for retail companies. I was flown to St. Louis to photograph for an international company as well as to New York to work on acting and modeling projects. I organized several Bicycle ADventures as well as Metro ADventures.

From 2006 to 2008 I was on the board of Women In Theatre. Now I’m on the SAG Conservatory Committee, the SAG On-Line Task Force Committee, the CalTrans 7 Bicycle Advisory Committee and The Bike Writers Collective.

In 2007 I started teaching at AFI through the SAG Conservatory about Social Media.  My class is ShowBiz 2.0. I also presented at the SAG Foundation, through iActor and at USC about the topic of online marketing.

I love to say “Yes!” to anything that comes my way that challenges me, that involves cool people, and that involves my husband. He has been by my side and worked with me on all my projects, and I have been by his side as well, when he went to Orlando, Florida, to do several seminars on Branding, or when he was working locally on music videos, film and theater productions, and bicycling issues in Los Angeles.

My involvement in local or worldwide issues, riding a bicycle and living every day in the moment is a great reminder, that the journey is as important as the destination, in fact sometimes it’s even better!